id cuneBerliac (AR b. 1982) is a comic artist from Buenos Aires. Berliac is known for his dark-tone, highly experimental works, which tend to push the limits of the comics medium. He is the author of six solo books, including “Inverso”, for Latvian publisher Kuš!, and his short stories have been published in anthologies such as Kovra (Spain), Komikaze (Croatia), Stripburger (Slovenia), Forresten (Norway), and many others.


Bue Bredsdorff

Bue Bredsdorff has been reading and thinking about comics most of his life. After years of procrastination he finally started making his own comics a couple of years ago. Bue graduated in 2011 from the international comic school Serieskolan in Malmö, Sweden. His comic Huset i Sønderhå was published in October 2013 by Max Press, and an extract from it appeared in the Finnish magazine Kuti Kuti in June 2013.

Albo Helm

alboselfieAlbo Helm (CH b.1953) has been working in comics and illustration for a long long time, but still feels the need to expand his frontiers. Always searching for new materials, platforms and thoughts, treasuring inherent insecurity and the art of making mistakes. In the Netherlands his actionradius has the last years shifted from regular paper media to organising, exhibitions and one-shots. This often with the hyperlocal comic collective he initiated in his hometown Utrecht: De Inktpot.




Kivi Larmola


Kivi Larmola (FIN b. 1966) is a professional comics artist, storyteller and jack-of-all-arts. Helsinki-born Kivi is currently residing in North-West England. His comics and graphic novels, of which there are more than 2000 published pages in various books, newspapers and magazines, are a mixture of poetic, personal, adventure and alternative, and have found their audience in more than one generation. His latest 11th graphic novel – the story he’s working on right now in Tallinn residency – will hopefully be in stores during late 2014.