CUNE CiR Selections for 2015

The artists for this year’s residencies have been confirmed. There were many excellent applications this round, among which the residence coordinators chose the following 5 artists to take part in CUNE CiR:

Helsinki, Finland

Jana Vasiljević (Serbia/Belgium)
Choi Juhyun (South Korea) (DE)
Triin Valvas (Estonia)
Disa Wallander (Sweden)

Tallinn, Estonia

Aurélie Grand (Canada)

More detailed information about each artist and their residency projects will be updated at the CUNE website shortly.

We thank all applicants who took part this round, and would like to remind you that the next application round for 2016 is scheduled to take place at the end of the on-going year.

Sally Jane Thompson


Sally Jane Thompson (UK) is a freelance illustrator and comic creator living and working in the UK. She’s the author of coming-of-age graphic novel Atomic Sheep (2013) and numerous short comics for web and print. Thompson’s freelance work covers books, magazines, educational materials, heritage projects, and staff training materials. Her work focuses on stories grounded in real life, often with a magic realist twist.

Julia Thorell


Julia Thorell (SE b. 1984) works as an illustrator and graphic novelist. She was educated at Konstfack, Stockholm, receiving her BA in 2010. Thorell has published two books: Juni (2012) and Fri Kärlek (2013). Juni was nominated for comic book of the year in Sweden.

Ella Eiranto


Ella Eiranto (FI b. 1990) lives and works in Helsinki and studies art education. She found comics a couple of years ago and is now studying comics in Aalto University. Her stories are often about awkward and absurd moments in life. In Leipzig she worked with fears and dreams and started a dream journal comic.

Work and celebration in the CUNE artist residence in Tallinn

Comic artist Kivi Larmola and photographer Sanna Larmola visited the CUNE Comics-in- Residence atelier in Tallinn. The large atelier with an excellent view over the town inspired Kivi and Sanna to start their creative work right upon arrival. They moved desks and built workspaces until the lighting was optimal. The view from the atelier also provided a great setting for shooting time-lapse footage of light and shadows over Tallinn.

Kivi’s first impression of the atelier.


Searching for story settings on the streets of Tallinn.

Kivi wrote twenty, then forty pages of his comics script just like that in the inspiring environment. He also found the time to dig into the history of Tallinn and Estonia, filled with the likes of alchemists and knights. Kivi and Sanna spent their free time visiting various exhibitions, doing sight-seeing and celebrating with like-minded people in the lively cultural scene of Tallinn. Kivi noted that given the small population of Estonia, great financial successes cannot be gained in the country’s home market and thus the motive for creative work must come from artistic ambition alone. In addition, Kivi held lectures in Paepealse and Hobusepea to an enthusiastic crowd.

Public transportation was efficient and pretty cheap – even for visitors.

Kivi had a surprising work supervisor.

Sanna edited and rendered footage for their film project, also working on her own exhibition held in Von Krahl. Kivi kept working on his script, which during their stay in the residence began to form into its final shape. Working by the window, or tucked in bed in a Batman bathrobe, Kivi sketched out the story in its entirety.


Danse Macabre – work in progress.

Photos: Sanna Larmola
Story: Kivi Larmola
Translation: Petra Koponen