FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I want to apply to the programme but I do not live in any of the countries included in the programme. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately due to the restrictions to our programme’s funding from Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, artists from other countries are not eligible for our residencies in 2021.

What is required for the project proposal?

The aim of the proposal is for the applicant to outline what type of project they want to work on during their residency. The project can be working on i.a. a graphic novel, web comic, exhibition work, workshop or something else related to comics art.

The programme accepts project proposals in any easily accessible format, be it text, comics or video. The proposal can be pure text (Word/Open Office document or PDF), a short comic or even a video, if that feels most accessible for the applicant. Concept sketches or scripts are not required.

Is it expected that the artist finishes the project during residency, or is it alright to propose a bigger project that may continue afterwards?

It is not expected that the project will be finished during the residency period. The project proposal can be just a part of the project, e.g. research period, scripting, sketching, final edits and so on. The project in question can be something that the artist is already working on, e.g. an ongoing web comic, a series of exhibitions and so on. A strong proposal is one that outlines realistically what the artist hopes to achieve during the residency.

Are there regulated work hours that the artists are expected to work during the residency?

The artists are free to set their working schedule as it aligns with the aim of their residency project. The organizers do not require the artists to work specific hours, and hope that during the residency the artists will also have a chance to just enjoy their stay in a new country and create new personal and professional connections.