Miissa Rantanen


Miissa Rantanen (FI b. 1987) is working in the fields of graphic novels, comics, zines and illustration. Rantanen is living and working in Helsinki. Her self-publications consist of: Karvalehti (2014), Saturday Morning 4 AM (2013), Kurdisanomat (2013) and The Blanket (2013) and Landing with Suvi Ermilä and Eeva Meltio (2013). Rantanen’s special areas of interest are eating, equality, hairs, animals, economy, violence, jumps, remembering, objects and complicatedness.

Jaana Suorsa

womaJaana Suorsa is a Finnish cartoonist, painter and writer. Her cartoons have been published in several newspapers (e.g. Kaleva, Turun Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat and Ylöjärven Uutiset), her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums around Finland, and she has created content for children’s magazines and taught comic classes in schools. Her creation Piggu Possu is a sarcastic cartoon character which has been featured in six Finnish books, with more stories to come. The latest one, Who invented the morning, included English translation. At the moment Piggu Possu is published in Serieparaden, a Swedish cartoon strip magazine.


Jouko Ruokosenmäki

JoukoRJouko Ruokosenmäki (b. 1968) is a comic professional from Tampere. He has drawn stories for the Finnish comics magazines Sarjari, Kannus, Tähtivaeltaja, Glömp, Myrkky and Korkeajännitys, with genres varying from adventure and horror to humor. Together with Janne Kaitala he created and self-published the Hipporox comic book in 1995, with the aim of combining all three genres. Was it a success? Who knows!

In addition to drawing, Jouko has translated comics such as Watchmen and Sandman, and back when comic books were still hand-lettered, he earned his living lettering Finnish Calvin and Hobbes albums. Since 1998 he has worked as a comic book editor and producer. Oh, and he also sat in the board of The Finnish Comics Professionals union for a few years.