Sally Jane Thompson


Sally Jane Thompson (UK) is a freelance illustrator and comic creator living and working in the UK. She’s the author of coming-of-age graphic novel Atomic Sheep (2013) and numerous short comics for web and print. Thompson’s freelance work covers books, magazines, educational materials, heritage projects, and staff training materials. Her work focuses on stories grounded in real life, often with a magic realist twist.

Julia Thorell


Julia Thorell (SE b. 1984) works as an illustrator and graphic novelist. She was educated at Konstfack, Stockholm, receiving her BA in 2010. Thorell has published two books: Juni (2012) and Fri Kärlek (2013). Juni was nominated for comic book of the year in Sweden.

Julie Delporte


Julie Delporte (FR/CA b. 1983) is of both French and Canadian citizenship, living currently in Montreal. She publishes graphic novels, children’s books and zines. She is the author of Everywhere Antennas (2014) and Journal (2013). She has published a French children’s book Je suis un raton laveur (2013) along with some short pieces in various anthologies. In addition, Delporte runs a comics-centric radio show in Montréal.

Ella Eiranto


Ella Eiranto (FI b. 1990) lives and works in Helsinki and studies art education. She found comics a couple of years ago and is now studying comics in Aalto University. Her stories are often about awkward and absurd moments in life. In Leipzig she worked with fears and dreams and started a dream journal comic.



Marijpol (UK b. 1982) is a Hamburg-based comic artist. Her work has appeared in German and international anthologies and her first book Trommelfels (2011) won an ICOM award for Best Scenario in 2012. Her stories are surreal mythologies infused with everyday life normality. In 2013 she released her second book Eremit with an exhibition at Fumetto festival in Lucerne.